Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!

Developing and Implementing SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures

This presentation looks at the need to develop comprehensive standard operating procedures to effectively reduce production and office inefficiency and waste. The more overarching development of an operational manual that can be used by the staff that clearly defines outcomes and most importantly provides a performance roadmap to be followed by all employees. It walks through the process of identifying job tasks necessary for sustainable production as well as the impact to building detailed job descriptions. Also covered are the accountability measurements, training plans and audit tools to validate workplace performance. This is a step by step process for setting clear operational focus and setting attainable goals and objectives.   

Identifying frequently used processes and/or procedures for developing process flows:

  • Creating process flows
  • Creating a “current state” flow chart
  • Identifying potential road blocks
  • Creating “ideal state” flow chart

Building repeatable processes:

  • Identifying the individual process steps
  • Creating the performance outline
  • Building “logic” into the process
  • Getting input from the staff
  • Using the flow chart, develop the SOP worksheet

Building process execution consistency:

  • Setting process compliance expectations
  • Identifying key performance metrics
  • Setting individual performance expectations
  • Creating the SOP worksheet

Managing the procedures with “discipline”:

  • Meeting with the staff to set office, production and quality goals
  • Identify where the goals are covered in the SOP
  • Provide a copy of each SOP as they are completed
  • Book the SOPs for future use

Using the SOPs to manage the business:

  • Identifying the key performers in each area
  • Observe behavior to ensure performance consistency
  • Audit the SOP to be sure that it is adjusted when needed
  • If temporary changes are more consistent with performance develop a permanent change and Adjust the SOP

Speaker:       Keith Manich, Director of Collision Services for Automotive Technical Institute

Date:             Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Time:             9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

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