Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!

Training & Events

Education/Networking Services - Continuing education is a key to any successful business.  ASA Ohio understands that training is a critical investment for you and your employee's success.  We offer a great number of educational programs each year at affordable rates.  The educational programs are design to provide your team with the know-how and practical technics to meet and exceed your goals.  Take advantage of the leading experts in the industry right here at ASA Ohio.

Push Start Ignition Diagnostic Approach: Monday June 17, 2019
General Motors Driveability Diagnostics: Monday September 16, 2019
Asian Vehicle Diagnostic Strategies: Monday November 11, 2019
Ford Driveability Diagnostics: Monday January 20, 2020
Transmission Diagnostics for Non-Transmission Techs, by Eric Ziegler: Monday February 17, 2020
Advanced Driver Assist Systems: Monday April 13, 2020


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