Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!


Learn what’s in it for you to get truly engaged in the collision repair industry ?  Not just as a job but truly engaged in the industry you have chosen as a career. 

The Columbus Collision Repairer Mastermind group is presenting an awareness event on Saturday October 22nd from 9 am to 6 pm at Lindsay Honda - 5805 Scarborough Blvd, Columbus, OH 43232. 

Presentations will be on the following topics;

  • DEG:  What is the Database Enhancement Gateway ?
  • OEM One Stop:    This site is a collection of manufacturer information in respect to the repair of their vehicles, if it is printed you will find it here.
  • Your ever changing daily work environment:    A peek into the evolution that has taken place and will continue to change the environment you work in.
  • A legal perspective on the quality of repairs you complete.   What you are responsible for and ultimately accountable to provide.
  • The insurance perspective on repairs based upon policy provisions:     Why is it that at times the insurance representative appears to be telling you how to fix the car ? 
  • OE manufacturer certification programs:    They are here and demand to be heard from.  As a repair technician find out why repair methods must not be compromised

These are just a few of the elements that affect you every day.  You need to be aware of what is in it for you and to understand the positive impact they have on you and your career.

In addition to these discussion topics there will be presentations and demonstrations relating to:

  • The very critical welding techniques required with today’s materials as well as the need for weld testing
  • 3M will present its products and the SOP’s important to their proper use and application.
  • AZTECH will perform an online pre and post scan.
  • Other vendors of products, equipment and materials will be present for you to learn from as well.

Enjoy a wonderful day of visiting with your peers in a positive learning environment.

Food trucks will be available for lunch and transportation to and from the symposium location and the vendor event will be provided.

Take pride by investing a day into the future of your career, take charge of the very important part you play in the collision repair industry. 

Go to http://www.stan-mitchell.com/tech-talk/ to become a member and sign up for this event.  You will need to have credentials to attend.          Questions call Bill at 614-832-0645

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