Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!

The Tale of Two OSHA Inspections

An ASA member in Colorado recently was visited by OSHA to inspect their vehicle lifts to insure they met the safety standards.  The shop had numerous safety related violations including improper locking and blocking of their vehicle lifts.  They were also cited for not performing yearly safety inspections on their lifts.  The ASA shop took the inspection seriously and made the necessary corrections on a timely basis.  They were able to negotiate their fine below $1000.00.

On the other hand, two PEP Boys in the same state were also inspected by OSHA and cited for vehicle lift violations.  They did not take their citations very seriously and were fined over $50.000.00 and are now paying attorneys to assist them with OSHA. The moral of this story is to take any OSHA inspection seriously and take care of any violations quickly.  Click here to read the OSHA Press release.

Have you had your vehicle lifts inspected?  ASA Ohio has a very inexpensive OSHA Compliance Program to help members with OSHA Regulations.  Click here for more information on the OSHA Compliance program.




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