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Driving Your Success!

ASA Ohio Staff Attends ASA Capitol Hill Fry-In

ASA’s leaders met with their members of Congress and staff to discuss the impact of Most Favored Nation (MFN) clauses in direct repair agreements and Periotic State Motor Vehicle Safety Inspections. ASA members gave real-life examples of the effects of the MFN clause on collision repair shops, as well as consumers, and asked lawmakers to consider options to stop the use of MFN clauses.  ASA leaders emphasized the U.S. Department of Justice’s history with the MFN clause, citing the example of its lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in 2013.

ASA President Dan Risley said, “We continue to educate policymakers about the negative impact of MFN clauses on consumers and small businesses. We were pleased with the interest in this issue on Capitol Hill. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open between repairers and congressional representatives. We made useful contacts and look forward to working with Congress in the future.”

ASA’s mechanical leaders met with their members of Congress and staff to discuss the importance of periodic motor vehicle safety inspections during the recent Capitol Hill Fly-in.

ASA members proposed ideas for potential federal incentives for states wanting to establish new safety inspection programs or strengthen existing programs. The group also stressed that these inspections could provide an avenue for increased recall awareness.

Bob Wills, ASA’s Mechanical Division director, said: “Our team met with congressional members to discuss vehicle safety inspection and found that many members support these state programs. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with lawmakers to encourage vehicle safety inspection.”

Matt Dougher, ASA Ohio’s Business Services Manager was in attendance and spoke with the following Ohio congressional offices:

  • Senator Rob Portman
  • Senator Sharod Brown
  • US Rep Jim Renacci
  • US Rep Marcy Kapteur
  • US Rep Bob Gibbs
  • US Rep Bob Latta
  • US Rep Jim Jordan
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