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Driving Your Success!

Legislative Update: ASA Ohio Grass Roots Effort Kills Possible Insurance Companies Budget Amendment

The Ohio Insurance Institute has decided not to push an Ohio Budget Amendment to exempt insurance companies from providing notice to customers when non-OEM parts are used in the repair of a motor vehicle.  ASA Ohio’s grass roots effort paid off.  The state Senators heard our concerns loud and clear. 

We do believe the Ohio Insurance Institute will reintroduce this legislation in the future.  We don’t know when or how it will be introduced.  We will keep you updated as this issue progresses.

If the insurance companies could have their way, body shops will assume all liability with properly notifying the customer when non-OEM parts are used.  That could cost you a ton of money defending consumer laws suites.

To continue to monitor legislation that affects the collision repair industry like the above legislation, ASA Ohio will need more collision shops to participate in the process.  It takes a great deal of resources (participation and money) to insure the collision industry is protected in the state legislature.  We will only be able to continue our mission in the Ohio legislature if more collision shops join ASA Ohio.   ASA Ohio is the only organization in Ohio that spends resources to protect the interest of the collision repair industry in the Ohio.

Should you have any questions, please contact Matt Dougher with ASA Ohio at 513.659.534 or email him at mdougher@asaohio.org.

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