Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!

Jeff’s Adventure For Orphans & Homeless

My name is Jeff Eggleston. In the summer of 2015 I will be 64 years old. I have decided to pursue my passion for travel and to celebrate my good health and good fortune. In mid July I will leave Astoria, Oregon on the Pacific coast on my bicycle and pedal east as far as I can. If the good Lord is willing, I will pedal some 4250 miles and arrive at the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia by mid-October.

My faith and my community are important in my life. I am a member of the First United Methodist Church and the Rotary Club in New Carlisle, Ohio. For years I have supported three very effective charities.

#1 Angel House: Our church has supported Angel House Orphanage and school in Tanzania since its beginning. They now have Christian children attending colleges and trade schools.

#2 The Rotary Foundation: The Rotary Foundation supports humanitarian projects locally and internationally.

#3 The Interfaith Hospitality Network: Interfaith Hospitality helps local homeless families maintain their family units by providing shelter and food and working with them to prepare them for transitional housing and independence. They also help keep the kids in school while helping the parents find jobs and affordable housing. 

In an effort to continue my support of these three charities, I am asking for your support in the form a donation of one or two cents per anticipated mile. I expect to pedal about 4,250 miles. That would make a penny per mile contribution $42.50. A penny per mile will make an awesome difference in these people’s lives. I hope to have most of the donations and paper work complete before I leave. (I may be quite tired when I get home.)

  My trip will be totally unsupported, no other riders, no support vehicle. I will pack a tent, sleeping bag, and small cooking stove. I will camp most of the time, but stay in motels occasionally, and sometimes crash in personal residences. I will prepare some meals but I will eat in restaurants a LOT! I will be covering all of my own expenses so 100% of your gifts will go entirely to making life better for people who could use a hand up. Whether you can contribute or not, your thoughts and prayers will be appreciated and you are welcome to follow my trip on Facebook. I will add a picture and update my adventure at least once a week. You may contact me at jeffsbikeadventure@gmail.com and/or follow me at Jeff’s Adventure for Orphans & Homeless on Facebook.

If you would like to support Jeff in his adventures then please click here for a donation form.

Sincerely, Jeff Eggleston

Jeff Eggleston

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