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Insurance Companies Want To Rid Themselves of Non-OEM Part Customer Disclosure

It has come to our attention that the Ohio Insurance Institute is starting to push an amendment to be included in the Ohio budget that would exempt insurers from providing notice to customers when non-OEM parts are used.  This amendment would retain the requirement that repair shops provide the notice. The new notice will also include language stating that the customer’s insurance policy governs the use of crash parts and any questions should be directed to the insurance company.

The ASA Ohio Board of Directors does not feel it is the shops responsibility to provide written notice to consumers on behalf of the insurers.  Since the insurer’s policies require the use of non-OEM parts in the repair, the insurers should provide the written notice.  The board is also apprehensive about giving the Ohio Motor Vehicle Repair Board the ability to financially fine body shops.

To stop this amendment from being put into the budget bill and from becoming law, we will need to have the entire collision industry come together to defeat this amendment.  ASA Ohio is the only organization in Ohio that fights for the independent body & mechanical shop’s interest in the Ohio Legislature.  Unfortunately, there are too few body shop owners taking the burden for the entire industry.  For us to continue our mission in the Ohio Legislature, more body shop owners will need to step up support ASA Ohio.  Too many shops want to complain about insurance companies but do nothing to change it.  Now is the time to do something about it.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call Matt Dougher with ASA Ohio at 513-659-5324 or email him at mdougher@asaohio.org.  

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