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Driving Your Success!
Driving Your Success!

Legislative Only Membership

For over 30 years, ASA Ohio in conjunction with the Government Policy Group (ASA Ohio’s legislative representatives) have been representing the independent automotive collision & mechanical repair industry in the Ohio state legislature.  We have protected the industry from very intrusive and costly state regulations.  We work very closely with state agency’s like the Ohio EPA, Ohio Air Quality Development Authority who has saved members thousands of dollars, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Ohio Department of Taxation, Department of Education, Motor Vehicle Repair Board and many others to ensure the industry’s interest are protected.

We also ensure our industry partners and competitors (insurance companies, car manufactures, new car dealers, tire dealers, etc.) don’t take advantage of the Ohio independent collision & mechanical repair industry in the legislature.  Each of the above-mentioned industries have significant influence in the state of Ohio.

It takes money and resources to properly represent our industry in the state legislature.  For ASA Ohio to be an effective watchdog for our industry in the state legislature, more shops will need to participate.  If we do not, ASA Ohio will need to cease our affiliation with the Government Policy Group. Once that happens, our competitors will know that our industry no longer has representation before Ohio’s lawmakers.

ASA Ohio is Now Offering A New Category of Membership Called “Legislation Member”

This new category is designed for shops that want to participate in the legislative process only.  The funds will be used to pay the Government Policy Group to represent our industry in the state legislature and executive branch.  Click HERE to view a list of policy issues that ASA Ohio and the Government Policy Group are currently working on to better our industry for us and the consumer.  ASA Ohio & Government Policy Group will provide regular updates on all the happenings in Ohio legislative

The legislative only dues are:

Collision Repair Shop

Single Location                                                                                                  $ 350 .00 Per Year

Multi Shop Organizations

2 to 6 locations                                                                                                 $ 750.00 Per Year

6 to 12 Locations                                                                                              $ 1,000.00 Per Year

13 to 20 Locations                                                                                           $ 1,850.00 Per Year

21 or More Locations                                                                                     $ 2,750.00 Per Year

*Shop name will not be listed on ASA Ohio website or any other ASA Ohio promotional material.


Mechanical Repair Shop(s)

First Location:                                                                                                    $ 150 Per Year

Each Additional Location:                                                                              $ 75 Per Year

**Due to legislative constraints, mechanical shop registration is not listed on the ASA policy Initiatives. 


Current members already receive legislative services and are included in their dues.  Thank you for supporting your industry. 

Please click here to register to become an ASA Ohio legislative only member.

Should you have any questions, please contact Matt Dougher with ASA Ohio at 513-659-5324 or email him at  Thank you for your support.


ASA Ohio Board of Directors